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Take the first step towards success and explore the possibilities with Edel Walsh. She is a student and exam coach. She is also a well-being coach.

Student & Exam Coaching


Are you a student or an adult learner seeking guidance and support on your educational journey? Look no further! Edel Walsh is here to empower you as a coach specialising in helping students and adult learners unlock their full potential.

Finding the right coach can make all the difference in your academic success. Whether you’re a student in need of an exam coach or mentor, or an adult learner seeking guidance as you navigate your educational path, Edel Walsh is dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need to thrive.

Unleash your potential and embark on a journey of academic growth with Edel Walsh. Whether you’re a student or an adult learner, she is committed to helping you thrive and achieve your goals.

Wellbeing Coaching


Are you looking to navigate the challenges in your life and be proactive in managing your well-being? Edel is here to support you as a coach to develop strategies and tools to help manage stress, build resilience, build confidence, and to untangle those limiting beliefs you may have.

Are you looking for a greater sense of balance and fulfilment in your Life? Edel will support you to make goals and address any challenges you may face along the way.

Online Courses and Programs

Edel offers several on-demand virtual courses that will support you with your academic and exam journey. These courses are available now and can be completed at your own pace.


Check out the shop where you can find reflective study journals. These journals will keep you focused and on track as you progress with your academic journey

I would highly recommend Edel as a coach. My motivation and satisfaction at work has significantly increased since first attending coaching. We also worked on my work life balance which was actually integral to increasing my motivation at work. Working with Edel, I set clear manageable goals and I had an action plan after each session. I’ve no doubt that coaching will play an integral part of my career development going forward.


I would describe Edel as a very professional yet empathetic coach.
During our sessions she helped me to gain insights and discover solutions to problems I wasn’t even aware of beforehand. There was a clear progression as the sessions went on, and she helped me develop a plan for making changes stick permanently and understanding that it doesn’t come easy. I would have no hesitation recommending Edel as a coach for people in all walks of life.


Having come up short previously in the ACCA Financial Reporting exam I reached out to Edel to help me get over the line. I found the sessions and the reflection after study was key to me passing the exam this time around. It allowed me to gauge the quality of the study I was doing and the areas which I needed to sharpen up. Edel was great highly recommend and plan on more sessions for my remaining exams.


I was on the verge of failing my semester in college when I first spoke to Edel. She gave me the space to figure out what was really going on for me. Once that was clear to me, we put a plan in place which helped me study more productively. Edel helped me every step of the way through my exams. I passed them all. I am using all the tools she gave me in my second semester, and I am feeling really confident.


I was 2 months away from sitting my final exams and was struggling with stress. I knew it was getting in the way of my study. I was finding it hard to concentrate for any period of time. Through coaching with Edel, I was able to see what was causing me to feel stressed out. We took steps to help manage the stress. While going into my exams, I did feel a bit nervous, but Edel had given me lots of tools to help. I ended up doing really well in my exams. I use the tools Edel gave me in my everyday life now. I would recommend Edel to any student looking for help.


I was heading into my final semester in college and I wasn’t performing well in exams. I was referred to Edel from a friend and I’m so glad I was because I have learnt so much especially around study techniques and study environments. I will keep trying to apply those study techniques for future exams and I will also definitely undertake more sessions with Edel down the line. I would strongly recommend Edel to anyone.


I was delighted to have worked with Edel and used her coaching service in the past year. I always found Edel to be open, approachable and warm yet knowledgeable and professional. I found her coaching advice and techniques to be very effective and helpful and her coaching sessions were a great help to me. I would have no problem recommending Edel Walsh Coaching and Consultancy to students or to fellow professionals and business people.


I have worked with Edel Walsh Coaching and Consultancy for over 18 months for professional development and workplace wellbeing coaching. Her approach was very personalised to my needs and flexible, depending on the challenges/opportunities I needed to address.

Together we tackled lots of different areas, such as career progression, decision making, stress management, understanding my value, through working on my strengths, core values, addressing blind spots & limiting beliefs and untapped potential. Edel was a fantastic support, bringing new perspectives, strategies, and practical tools.

Overall, Edel’s expert perspective & support was a game-changer for me. I highly recommend Edel’s coaching services to anyone looking for unbiased, expert guidance to Unravel Your Potential.

Thank you so much!


I worked with Edel in order to help reduce my stress levels during exam sittings. Edel was extremely helpful and showed me how to do breathing exercises in order to calm my mind when I began to feel anxious during the exam which really benefitted me on exam day. We also spoke about my goals and personal issues which could effect my exam performance. She provided me with very beneficial information and it was great to have an ear to listen and someone to trust. I would highly recommend Edel and would return to her for future help. Thanks Edel!


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