Well-Being Coaching Services

Are you an accounting, tax or finance professional seeking to navigate life’s challenges and proactively manage your well-being?

Do you work in a  company where you want to support your staff well-being?

Edel is here to support you. As a coach and experienced facilitator, she helps develop strategies and tools to manage stress, build resilience, boost confidence, and untangle limiting beliefs.

Edel is a qualified Mental Health and Well-Being Coach and a qualified Corporate Well-Being Coach. In addition to this, she is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified practitioner, trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Well-Being Coaching

Well- Being Coaching is essentially a journey of deep learning and self-reflection which will ultimately result in change, growth, and fulfilment for the client both personally and professionally. Whether in the absence or presence of a mental health problem, deep learning and self-reflection will invariably result in change for the individual to start or to continue leading a fulfilling life.

For information of the difference between therapy and well-being coaching, have a look at my blog post here.

Well-being Coaching Services

I offer a 1:1 well-being coaching service. Coaching sessions cover:

  • Stress management
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Negative self-talk
  • Motivation
  • Focus and concentration.
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Finding balance
  • Confidence….. to name just some

Coaching services can be offered as a single session. A discount on price will be offered if you book for three sessions.

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Workplace Well-Being Coaching

As a workplace well-being coach, I offer a 1:1 coaching service to leadership, management, and employees to support their well-being and the well-being agenda of the organisation.

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Do you want to host a well-being workshop or webinar? Check out my list of available courses here

I would highly recommend Edel as a coach. My motivation and satisfaction at work has significantly increased since first attending coaching. We also worked on my work life balance which was actually integral to increasing my motivation at work. Working with Edel, I set clear manageable goals and I had an action plan after each session. I’ve no doubt that coaching will play an integral part of my career development going forward.



I would describe Edel as a very professional yet empathetic coach. During our sessions she helped me to gain insights and discover solutions to problems I wasn’t even aware of beforehand. There was a clear progression as the sessions went on, and she helped me develop a plan for making changes stick permanently and understanding that it doesn’t come easy. I would have no hesitation recommending Edel as a coach for people in all walks of life.


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