We are delighted to announce that our specially designed reflective study journal is now available. The key to academic and exam success is setting goals, planning your study, and reflecting on the study you have done. This journal is just what you need to support your success.

The journal supports you with setting the right goals for your study. Included inside are monthly planners, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the month ahead. This is where you can write into the journal any big events in the month ahead like an assignment deadline, group work meetings or an exam.

There is an opportunity for you to set weekly priorities for yourself so you can keep on track. There is a daily schedule where you can set out your goals for your study session and your timetable for study. Once your study is completed there are some self-reflective prompts for you to complete. Once your study week is over there is a further opportunity to reflect on how your week went from a study perspective.

Finally, there are reflective prompts for you to complete once you have done an exam or an assignment. These will prompt you to consider what worked well for you and what needs improving.


If you want to learn more about reflective learning, have a look at my blog post:

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