Third Level Students

Students face many challenges as they enter and go through the third level system. Students in Ireland who do their leaving cert in general are not prepared academically for third level. This is not the fault of the student, their parents or their second level teachers. The problem lies with the leaving certificate exam itself.

In addition to this, we also know that third level is so much more than academia!

Edel supports her third level students with their:


  • Academic Success

  • Personal Development

  • Well-being for study and exams

Academic success at Third Level

Having come from secondary school and having done the leaving cert, most students are well trained in memorisation and regurgitation of material for exams. At third level, students are required to think analytically and critically. They also need to be problem solvers and to give their opinions. Some students cope well with this and for some it is a struggle.


Through 1:1 coaching and group coaching Edel supports students:


  • To bridge the gap between second level and third level education
  • Appropriate study and organisational skills for third level with a focus on the application of knowledge rather than regurgitating memorised materials.
  • Productivity and focus at third level.

Personal Development at Third Level

Third level is much more than academics. It encompasses, new relationships, new responsibilities, and new surroundings.

Through coaching I support students to look inwards on ways to better themselves. Coaching sessions can cover:


  • Growth versus fixed mindset
  • Discovering your values
  • Focusing on strengths
  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Confidence

Well-Being at Third Level

In a study carried out by the Unions of Students (USI) in Ireland in 2019, it found that 38% of students were severely anxious, 30% of students were extremely depressed and 17% of students we severely stressed. It should also be noted that this survey was conducted prior to the Covid-19 pandemic so it likely that these figures have worsened.

As a qualified mental health and well-being coach, Edel is passionate about supporting students with their well-being. It is important to say, if Edel believes a student needs the support of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, she will inform them of this and refer them to the relevant professional.

Maintaining and improving your wellbeing is key to personal success. Coaching sessions can cover:


  • Stress management
  • Build resilience
  • Exam anxiety
  • Bouncing back after exam/course failure
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Finding balance

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