Student Coaching Programme for Educators

The Student Coaching Programme (SCP) comprises of one-to-one coaching, group coaching and student support webinars to help students as they progress in their academic journeys.

The SCP will be most relevant to this level institutions and to professional institutions with a student body.

The SCP helps students decide on actions to move forward with their studies, encouraging them to learn more about themselves, their strengths and provide them with the tools to achieve their academic goals.

1:1 and Group Coaching


Through 1:1 coaching and group coaching, Edel supports students with a wide variety of topics such as: 

  • Goal setting
  • Study strategies
  • Time management
  • Managing distractions
  • Finding balance
  • Prioritising workload
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Bouncing back after course/exam failure or disappointment
  • Stress management and exam anxiety
  • Well-being for exams and much more
    *Group coaching is limited to a max of 4 students per group.

Student Support Webinars


Edel delivers numerous student support webinars. These webinars can be delivered live to students.

Recordings can be made available on the College LMS. Student support webinars include:

  • Learning techniques for exam success
  • The Power of Mindset
  • Finding Balance
  • Strategies for tackling exam pressure and stress (STEPS)
  • Minding your Mind for Exams

Student support webinars can also be designed to meet the specific need of the faculty or college.

All student webinars are 1 hour in length.

Having come up short previously in the ACCA Financial Reporting exam I reached out to Edel to help me get over the line. I found the sessions and the reflection after study was key to me passing the exam this time around. It allowed me to gauge the quality of the study I was doing and the areas which I needed to sharpen up. Edel was great highly recommend and I plan on more sessions for my remaining exams.


I was on the verge of failing my semester in college when I first spoke to Edel. She gave me the space to figure out what was really going on for me. Once that was clear to me, we put a plan in place which helped me study more productively. Edel helped me every step of the way through my exams. I passed them all. I am using all the tools she gave me in my second semester, and I am feeling really confident.


I was 2 months away from sitting my final exams and was struggling with stress. I knew it was getting in the way of my study. I was finding it hard to concentrate for any period of time. Through coaching with Edel, I was able to see what was causing me to feel stressed out. We took steps to help manage the stress. While going into my exams, I did feel a bit nervous, but Edel had given me lots of tools to help. I ended up doing really well in my exams. I use the tools Edel gave me in my everyday life now. I would recommend Edel to any student looking for help.


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