Second Level Students

Navigating the senior cycle of 5th year and Leaving Cert can be an overwhelming time for students. The pressure of the Leaving Cert is causing stress, burnout, and mental health problems among students.

Finding the right coach or mentor can make all the difference in your academic success and to your wellbeing. Edel Walsh is dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need to thrive.

Creating a solid study schedule is crucial for effective learning. If you’re wondering where to find help in developing a good study schedule tailored to your needs, Edel Walsh is here to assist you. With her expertise, she can help you craft a study plan that maximizes your productivity and ensures you make the most of your study time.

Exam anxiety and stress can be overwhelming and hinder your performance. If you’re seeking ways to manage and overcome these challenges, Edel Walsh is here to offer the support you need. Through proven techniques and personalized strategies, she can help you conquer exam anxiety, allowing you to approach exams with confidence and perform at your best.

Edel takes a holistic approach when supporting second level students as they navigate the leaving certificate. She supports students with their:

Academic Success

For example, study and organisation skills, productivity and focus and time management.

Personal Development

For example,  mindset shaping and goal setting, exploring your values and motivations, managing time and distractions and increasing your confidence to name a few.

Well-being for Study & Exams

For example, stress management, build resilience, tackling procrastination and finding balance.
How does student coaching work?
If you are a secondary student interested in receiving coaching, the process starts off with a free initial 30-minute chemistry call with the student. If the student’s parent tor guardian would like to be attend this chemistry call, that is no problem as long as the student consents to this.

The purpose of the chemistry call is so the student gets a feel of what it would be like working with Edel. It also gives Edel the sense if she is the right person to be supporting the student.

If the student (and their parent/guardian) are happy to proceed, each coaching session thereafter will be on a 1:1 basis with the student. Coaching sessions are usually held virtually over zoom.

The coaching service is confidential unless the student gives Edel permission to share any information with the parent/guardian. If the student discusses anything that may be of harm to themselves or others, then I will disclose this information to the relevant party.

group coaching
Edel offers group coaching for up to 4 students. This is ideal for a group of friends or classmates with a common issue they want support with.

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